Teeth-in-a-Day Treatment at our Yorkville and Scarborough Dental Clinics

Liberty Square Dental Group provides dental implant treatments for patients.

Teeth-in-a-Day is an advanced dental implant treatment that allows you to fully restore your smile in a single appointment. Our dentist performs the surgical aspect of your procedure and provides you with a high-quality temporary denture in one day.

What is Teeth-in-a-Day?

Teeth-In-A-Day is a dental implant process specifically designed to allow you to walk into our dental office without teeth and walk out, the same day, with a new set of permanent teeth on four implants.

The process involves the use of strategically placed dental implants along the dental arch, and a denture to fully restore the function of their smile. Rather than wait several months to experience the benefits of standard dental implants, a temporary denture is snapped into place at the end of the procedure. You will be able to smile, bite, and chew again in no time.

The process and what to expect

While the teeth-in-a-day procedure and temporary prosthesis are provided on the same day, the planning stage prior to surgery is an important step in the process as we need to complete a comprehensive evaluation of your bite.

During the planning stage, we use the latest dental technology to create a surgical guide. This is used to strategically place your implants into your jawbone to create a stable foundation in the most suitable position. Once we have thoroughly planned your treatment, we will schedule your surgery.

During the teeth-in-a-day procedure at our Toronto dental offices, we ensure your implant posts are placed in the strongest portions of your jaw to support your restoration, and we place your temporary denture on the same day.

Over the months following your treatment, we need to monitor your recovery to determine when your final restoration can be attached to your dental implants.

During this visit at our dental clinic, we will ensure that your prosthetic fits comfortably and securely for long-lasting, realistic function.

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