Post-Surgical Dental Care

Post-Surgical Dental Care Recommendations

After each procedure our dentist or dental assistants will go over the post-op instructions with you to make sure you understand how to best help the area heal. It is important that you raise any questions you might have at your appointment as there can be variations in the care instructions given to each patient.

Typically we will generally prescribe a pain reliever or suggest over the counter pain relief medications to ease any discomfort. It is usually recommended that you avoid vigorous activity for usually about a day following a procedure. We also ask that you avoid using straws or smoking after most procedures as this interrupts optimal healing.

Remember to keep consistent with your tooth brushing using a soft bristle brush to prevent harmful bacteria. You may feel that your gums are swollen or uncomfortable in the area of or surrounding the operation site, rinsing with warm salt water (½ tsp table salt mixed in a cup of warm water) can help your gums recover.

At Liberty Square Dental, your health and wellbeing is our priority, we take every step possible to ensure your surgical experience is safe and comfortable. If you have any questions or concerns following your procedure, please call our dental offices at (416) 755-7977 (Scarborough) or (416) 923-8149 (Toronto).

We wish you a quick recovery from your surgery.

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