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We know that sometimes dental insurance coverage plans can be complicated to understand. The coverage for specific dental services varies depending on your individual policy, which can vary depending on if you have an individual plan or one provided by your employer.

Fortunately, we are here to assist you in navigating insurance policies. At both our Yorkville and Scarborough dental office we can submit insurance claims on your behalf and contact your insurance provider to gather necessary information on your coverage plan and limits.

Regardless of your insurance plan, once your appointment is finished we will require full payment. Please speak directly to a member of our team if you need assistance as we can provide financing options depending on your circumstances.

It is advisable that you are always aware of what’s covered under your dental plan prior to any dental appointments. While our team members can answer general questions about insurance breakdowns, please note that we are not experts on your specific plan.

As dedicated healthcare professionals we always make sure you understand the treatment options that align with your dental health needs. We prioritize informed consent and transparency, we will always make sure you know what is best for your oral health needs, independent of your dental plan coverage.

Common Dental Insurance Questions

Certainly! Our dentists will carefully discuss treatment options with you and our friendly administration team can submit a predetermination to your dental plan provider, to receive an estimate of what is covered under your plan.

Yes! We know dealing with insurance forms can be exhausting and we are happy to help alleviate that burden.

  • What services are covered under my plan?
  • How much of the costs is covered?
  • Will there be a deductible?
  • Am I able to select a procedure that is within a category of treatment on the plan but is not specifically listed?
Oftentimes, dental plans will cover a set amount of any dental service and the patient will be expected to pay the portion of charges not covered under the plan. This co-payment depends entirely on your specific insurance plan. Please note: All dentists are under legal and regulatory requirements and must collect the co-payment from all patients. Waiving a copayment is insurance fraud and is a threat to any dental professional’s license.

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